You’ve seen the horror movies

You’ve felt the fear

Now you will experience the evil like never before…

We have been in touch with the most bloodcurdling characters from the horror movies that once gave you night terrors and still haunt you today to unite and welcome you into your own personal horror story. They’ve been thirsting for new blood… and all hapless humans brave enough to face your fears will experience southern inhospitality at its best.

The 2016 Haunting Season will be the first time we have opened our doors to make your cinema nightmares come true.

You will find us waiting for you at the east entrance of the Mellor Park Mall on 2015 North West Avenue, rain or shine. But, we won’t wait forever…

The El Dorado Haunt will be open to all victims on October 20th until Halloween night as follows:

  • Thursdays 7-10 PM
  • Fridays and Saturdays 7-11 PM
  • Halloween night, Monday, October 31st 7-10 PM

For just $15 per human it would be our greatest pleasure to draw you into the darkest depths alongside cinema’s worst nightmares come to life. We fully expect that you will lose control of rational thought and calmness as panic and fear overload your senses and abilities.

Fear is a place.

We call it…

the El Dorado Haunt