Most of us consider fairy tales to be stories for children, innocent in nature without any evil intent.  

The truth behind these fantastical stories is that they are based on tales far more insidious.  

The ‘real’ fairy tales don’t end with “happily ever after”.  

The Tooth Fairy is actually a malicious creature that steals teeth from sleeping children.

Mary didn’t protect her lamb; she slaughtered it.

Alice was actually a psychiatric ward patient that created the fictional Wonderland.

The Evil Queen poisoned the prince instead of Snow White.

And Rapunzel’s mother truly did know best but failed to warn her daughter of the dangers she would face in the outside world.

Join us at this year’s El Dorado Haunt


where not every princess gets a prince and there’s no escape from the dreaded rabbit hole.

Our fairy tales don’t begin with “Once Upon a Time” but with “Once Upon a Nightmare”.


The 2023 El Dorado Haunt opens in October.


 You will find us waiting for you at the ticket booth at the ballfields in Parkers Chapel off of Highway 15if the weather permits.

But, we won’t wait forever…

Though many people will try, only a few will survive the El Dorado Haunt!!

It would be our greatest pleasure to draw you into the darkest depths alongside your worst nightmares come to life.  We fully expect that you will lose control of rational thought and calmness as panic and fear overload your senses and abilities.

Fear is a place.
We call it…
the El Dorado Haunt