Numerous Extinction Level Events have been detected on a global scale!

Will You Survive? Or, Be The Next Victim?

The 2022 El Dorado Haunt opens on Saturday, October 15.

The world is ending and the fate of humanity is uncertain.

Meteors are starting to destroy the earth and have brought extraterrestrial life to our planet.  

Aliens have unleashed biological warfare to infect and destroy the human race.

Civilization is in chaos unleashing nuclear missiles that are irradiating the entire population.

Individuals should seek shelter immediately at Camp Wotapi!  

 You will find us waiting for you at the ticket booth at the ballfields in Parkers Chapel off of Highway 15    if the weather permits.

But, we won’t wait forever…

Though many people will try, only a few will survive the El Dorado Haunt’s Armageddon!


It would be our greatest pleasure to draw you into the darkest depths alongside your worst nightmares come to life.  We fully expect that you will lose control of rational thought and calmness as panic and fear overload your senses and abilities.

Fear is a place.
We call it…
the El Dorado Haunt