• What is the El Dorado Haunt?

The El Dorado Haunt is a “haunted trail” attraction.  This year we are taking you on a terrifying walk through the woods.  2022 is our seventh year in production. Designed, produced and directed by industry haunt veterans, the El Dorado Haunt intends to make your nightmares come true. But be brave and face them, dear victim, because we are scaring for a cause… proceeds from the #eldohaunt will benefit Camp Fire El Dorado.

Do you close if the weather is bad…you know…for rain…or a shower of toads?

We are outdoors this year so weather will be a factor.  Check our social media to find out if we’re haunting that night!

Is it scary?

Um… what kind of question is that?  You bet it’s scary.  Don’t let some random zombie freak you out, LET US DO IT!

Are there clowns? Or zombies? Or other freaky characters?

Hmmm…we can’t remember.  Let us know if you make it all the way through, ok?

Where is the El Dorado Haunt? How do I get there?

We are located in the woods outside of El Dorado.  Purchase your tickets at the ballfield in Parkers Chapel (off of Highway 15) before your journey begins.  Please refer to our Find Page.

Where do I park?

There is plenty of free onsite parking.  Don’t worry, If you survive the #eldohaunt you can still make a quick escape..

How much does it cost and how do I buy tickets?

Tickets are $15 per victim. Each ticket is good for one journey through the Haunt.

Tickets will be sold at the ticket booth at the Parkers Chapel ballfield  during haunt hours.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, credit/debit cards are accepted.  We welcome cash, too.

I have a large group of people coming, can I get a better price?

You line ’em up, we’ll scare ’em silly.  $15 per victim, or $75 for groups of 5.  Heh.

How do I avoid waiting on a long line?

Ah, can’t wait to be spooked, can you?  Don’t worry, we’re a pretty efficient operation and won’t leave you waiting forever.

How long does it take to go through the El Dorado Haunt?

You’ll have a nice, leisurely walk through the haunted woods.  Hopefully you’ll make it out with the rest of your crew!

When is the best time to visit?

We anticipate that on any given night, the earlier you can come, the better chances for a shorter wait time.

What time does the El Dorado Haunt open and close?

Nightmares begin at the times listed on our Haunting Hours page, and tickets ($15 each) are available for sale onsite.

Is this okay for little kids?

The El Dorado Haunt is designed to be an interactive, extremely scary and intense “haunted house” experience. Think PG-13. Children under age 13 who would like to enter must be accompanied by a ticketed adult.

Parents, you know your child best, so we leave it to you to make a judgment call on whether they are mature enough to go through the #eldohaunt with you. However, carrying young children through the Haunt will not be allowed. They’d be the first to be eaten, and that wouldn’t be good for publicity.

How many people can go through at once?

While several groups will traverse the Haunt independently at one time, we will send in groups of around 5-7 victims at a time.  In order to abide by social distancing guidelines, each family/friend group will walk separately.

Can I bring a flashlight? Can I bring a lighter? Can I bring a Phone? Can I bring my Mama?

No flashlights, no lighters, no cameras, no video. Why spoil the fun?  You can use your mobile phone while waiting in line, but it must be turned off and in your pocket upon entering the attraction. If you use your phone while in the attraction (for calls, videos, pictures or anything else), you will be escorted out of the attraction and your money will not be refunded.

Oh, and mama is welcome of course. Since you will be crying for her soon enough, we might as well have her close by.

Will I get touched by any of the characters?

No actors will touch you in the Haunt, and we must insist that you do not touch any actors or props. This is for the safety of staff and customers. Unauthorized touching will result in your immediate ejection and…keep reading…here it comes….

Do you give refunds?

All ticket sales are FINAL!!  There are absolutely no refunds given after you purchase a ticket, even if you do not enter the attraction.

What if I get too scared before I go in?  Do I get my money back? 

Absolutely no refunds. If you purchase a ticket and chicken out, you can frame your ticket and hang it on the wall so you can look at it as you cry yourself to sleep every night.

 What happens if I am so freaked that I just have to get out?

Any actor or security personnel can escort a patron in distress out.  All you need to do is let any member of the team inside know that you want out.  However, we are not responsible for friends or family mocking you on the drive home.

I started to hyperventilate and didn’t make it all the way through. Do I get my money back?

Let me get this straight.

1) You paid us money to scare you.

2) You got scared.

3) You got more scared.

4) You got so scared that we had to escort you out early via our hidden doors and secret passages.

We think you owe US money. And a great review on Facebook.

Are there any health concerns that I should consider?

Please be forewarned, we may use strobe lights, fog, music and other special effects to create a sensory mix that has been known to overwhelm and the El Dorado Haunt may not be for you.  You should not enter a haunted house if you are pregnant, or if you suffer from asthma, heart conditions, seizures, claustrophobia, or any type of mental, physical, respiratory and or medical problems.  Your choice to enter is at your own risk.

This year’s Haunt is a WALKING trail.  Please wear closed-toe shoes and be prepared for walking (or running if you’re that scared!) through the woods.

What organization are the proceeds from El Dorado Haunt going to?

All of the proceeds from the Haunt will benefit Camp Fire El Dorado, a non-profit organization doing its part to help over 700 young participants find their spark and discover who they are through day camps, after school outreach programs, outdoors education and supporting individual Camp Fire club programs where students learn, serve others and develop positive relationships. Visit campfireeldorado.org to learn more.campfireellogo